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Happy the Enamored Heart

Happy the enamored heart,
Thought centered on God alone,
Renouncing every creature for Him,
Finding in Him glory and contentment.

Living forgetful of self,
In God is all its intention,

Happy and so joyfully it journeys
through waves of this stormy sea.

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~St. Teresa of Jesus, O.Carm.
(From The Collected Works
of St. Teresa of Avila, Volume Three

The Call of Carmel

O Garment of Grace
so beautiful,
How near to the heart.

The Scapular of Mother's love
she clothes us with herself.
O beautious and bountious Love
from a Mother so dear
Ho much I feel so loved by he
that she would keep me near.

If only all could understand dear Mother,
what this garment is ~
To wear the grace most worthily
of final wedded bliss.
You clothe us with eternity
while we're here on earth.
I love you.

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~Mary Magdalen of Jesus, T.O.Carm.
©July 17, 1997




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