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Chapter 3
Regional Coordinators


  1. The Lay Carmelite Provincial Office has the authority to appoint Regional Coordinators in regions of the United States and Canada where the clustering of Lay Carmelite communities warrant this support. Coordinators are appointed for a time of two years and may be appointed for two more terms.

  2. The Regional Coordinator serves as a liaison between a particular geographic area and the Provincial Office. One of the duties as liaison is to facilitate the communication between the Provincial Office and the local communities. Any local community is free to contact their regional coordinator on matters important to them. It will be the duty of each community to keep the coordinator informed of its activities.

  3. The Coordinators have no authority to legislate any rules or procedures which would bind a local community.

  4. The Provincial Office shall inform the Regional Coordinators of any new communities developing within their areas. In turn, the coordinators will keep the Provincial Directors informed of any contact with these communities.

  5. A developing community may ask the Regional Coordinator for assistance in its formation and instruction. The coordinator or the one delegated by the coordinator should have the means and the competency to do this.

  6. Each year, the Regional Coordinator shall endeavor to promote a gathering of all the communities within their region for one of the following:

    a) a retreat or a day of recollection;
    b) a special celebration, e.g., on the feast day of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel; or
    c) a regional conference at which a speaker or speakers could be invited.

  7. Newly appointed Regional Coordinators shall be given assistance by the outgoing coordinators.

  8. Regional Coordinators shall meet every two years in conjunction with the Provincial Conference.



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