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Chapter 4
Provincial and Regional Conferences


  1. The Provincial Offices shall promote a Provincial Conference of the Lay Carmelite Order open to all interested persons every two years in a city chosen by the Offices after consultation with the Regional Coordinators of the Provinces.

  2. The Lay Carmelite community or communities from the city chosen shall host the Conference and be responsible for many of the duties to be carried out in preparing for and presenting the Conference.

  3. The theme of the Conference shall be determined by the Provincial Offices after consulting with the regional coordinators.

  4. In the off years when there is no Provincial Conference, regional conferences shall be organized by the Regional Coordinators, if possible, with a committee selected from Lay Carmelites in the area to host the meeting. Special circumstances may determine a yearly regional conference in some cases.

  5. The purposes of the Provincial and Regional Conferences are to promote the spiritual and apostolic life of the Lay Carmelite Order; to review the legislation of the Order to meet the needs of the present times; to improve communication and mutual support among the communities and their members; and to discuss any matters which may be proposed by various communities.



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