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Chapter 3
Duties of the Community Officers

  1. The Director of the Community, first among the members, serves the rest of the members, leads the Council and guides the community in its life and spirit. The director shall prudently and charitably encourage the following of the Provincial Statutes and any community customs and the carrying out of all resolutions of the Council. The director shall ensure that the officers perform their duties and that peace and a good spirit of cooperation exist and flourish among the members.

  2. The Formation Director, who should be knowledgeable of the Order and its spirit, directs the preparation period for candidates to the community. The formation director shall implement the programs of formation provided by the Provincial Office. This will insure that the candidate receives sufficient instruction in the Lay Carmelite life. The formation director presents candidates to the Council for reception and profession upon completion of their instructions. An assistant may be appointed to help in the formation if needed. It is recommended that the formation director keeps a record on each member, giving the date of instruction periods and type of instructions, dates of any interviews, dates of reception and profession, and other matters which might be related to formation, such as, for example, retreats, etc.

  3. The Chaplain provides spiritual assistance to the community, is a leader of prayer, provides for the liturgy of the community and receives and professes members. The chaplain has the faculty to dispense in particular cases and for just reasons from some point of the Rule or Statutes, or to commute it to some other appropriate action. When a community lacks a priest chaplain, a deacon or professed Religious may be selected to fill this position, the Provincial Director being consulted.

  4. The Secretary records the minutes of the Council and monthly community meetings, keeps members informed of these meetings, attends to other correspondence when applicable, maintains the records of community membership which includes the dates of reception, profession and death of members and keeps the Regional Coordinator informed of the community's activities.

  5. The Treasurer is concerned with the collecting and banking of funds belonging to the community, the maintenance of the financial accounts and the disbursement of monies as needed. The treasurer shall make the community aware whenever the treasury becomes low and incapable of meeting future needs. Financial statements are regularly given to the Council and financial reports regularly given to the members-at-large.

  6. 6. Depending on the number of Councilors in a given community, the following functions should be distributed or combined so that they are covered:

    a) Each community is to reflect the Carmelite charism of prayer. Accordingly, one Councilor shall be charged with the responsibility of arranging for days of recollection and retreats and periodically inviting experts to the monthly meetings to discuss questions concerning the Carmelite life, the apostolate, etc. The Council shall oversee these programs.

    b) Special attention should be given to the sick and shut-ins of the community. A Councilor should arrange for visits to the sick in hospitals and nursing homes. In cases where a shut-in may wish to enter the Order, arrangements should be made with the Formation Director for someone to be appointed to give the instructions leading to reception and profession in Carmel.

    c) A Councilor shall be given the responsibility of coordinating the recruitment activities of the community. Personal contact and example are very important for recruiting interested prospects to join the community. This councilor shall keep the members aware of their responsibility in this matter.

    d) Ministry has always been an important part of the Carmelite charism. A councilor shall promote a spirit of ministry among the members and as opportunities and needs arise, involvement by community members will be encouraged. Promotion of the brown scapular and the making and distribution of scapulars is a very fine ministry of long-standing among Carmelites.

  7. All committees formed by the local community are accountable to the Council and ideally shall have a councilor as a member.

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