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Chapter 5
Symbol of--Membership

  1. The symbol of membership in the Lay Carmelite Order is the large Ceremonial Scapular, with the letters BVM in front and IHS on the back, a constant reminder to the members of their incorporation into and union with the entire family of Carmel. For everyday use, a scapular, eight inches long by six inches wide, a smaller cloth scapular or the scapular medal may be worn. A cloth scapular is recommended.

  2. A full habit, consisting of a dark brown tunic with black belt, a dark brown scapular and white mantle, may be worn for burial.

  3. The ceremonial scapular is worn at public functions of the community. For special ministries, an individual may choose to wear the ceremonial scapular and/or a small Carmelite Coat of Arms pin.

  4. Members who make a profession of vows in the Lay Carmelite Order may wear a ring as a sign of their vowed commitment.




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