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Chapter 4


  1. All professed members of the community enjoy active and passive voice, that is, they may vote in all elections and they are eligible to hold office.

  2. Those who are not yet professed members, although they are in fact members of the community, do not have active or passive voice. However, their opinions and feelings should be respected in matters pertaining to the common good or to themselves.

  3. The director and council members are elected for a term of two years and may be reelected once to the same office, after which time they may not be reelected to the same office unless there is a lapse of two years. In necessity, the holding of the same office for three or more terms is possible only with approval from the Provincial Office.

  4. For elections, everyone with active or passive voice is to be notified. Members need not be personally notified, but there shall be at least a notification in a community letter or newsletter.

  5. All elections to the Council are by secret vote, with an absolute majority on the first or second ballot or a simple majority on the third ballot. If on this third ballot, two obtain an equal number of votes, the senior by profession shall be considered elected or in parity of profession, the senior by age.

  6. If any office becomes vacant within the two year term, the Council shall elect a successor to fulfill the term. The election should take place within two months of the vacancy.



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