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Reception Ceremony

Those to be received are seated at the front.  All carry the scapular over their left arm.  Holy water is available for the blessing of the scapulars and the new members.  At the proper time, those to be received stand in the front before the priest who is also standing.


Priest:  What is your name?

Candidate:  My name is __________________________.

Priest:  What do you ask of the members of the Order here present?

Candidate:  I ask to be accepted as one of the Lay Members of the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, to share with others in the Order a way of life that will lead me to become a better Christian, and also take a greater part in the mission of the whole Church.

The Blessing of the Scapular

Priest:  That you may have an outward sign and reminder of the giving and the acceptance which is to take place today, we will bless and place over you the centuries-old sign of Carmelite dedication to Jesus, the Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Priest:  Our help is in the name of the Lord.

All:  Who made the heavens and the earth.

Priest:  May the name of the Lord be blessed.

All:  Now and forever.

Priest:  The Lord be with you.

All:  And also with you.

Priest:  Let us pray.

All:  Lord Jesus Christ, who so graciously assumed our human nature, we pray that You will continue to be generous with us, and bless @ this (these) garment(s), made like those the Holy Fathers chose as an outward sign of humility, so that your servant(s) who is (are) about to wear it externally, may become more worthy and more aware that you are present internally.
   You who live and reign forever and ever.  Amen.

The priest sprinkles the scapulars and the new members with holy water.

Conferral of the Scapular

The priest, usually with the help of the director and/or instructor of the community if present, now confers the scapular on the person or persons being received.  He takes it off the arm of the person being received, and, with the help of the director and/or instructor, places it over the shoulders of the person, saying:

Priest:  Take the yoke of Christ which is sweet, and His burden which is light.  In the name of the Father, and of the Son, @ and of the Holy Spirit.

All:  Amen.

The Reception Itself

If there is more than one person being received, it is most fitting if the reception itself is done individually for each person.  This is best done by the priest making his initial statements and then asking the question regarding renewal individually to each person being received.

Priest:  You realize that as a Lay Carmelite, you will be striving to become all that a Christian should be.  You have been given a share in God's own life through your baptism.  You have been called to share in the priesthood of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

You were strengthened in that calling by the special gifts of the Holy Spirit who dwells within you, aiding you to give witness to the presence of our God in the world today.

For you, the perfect example of the following of Christ will be found in Mary, Virgin Mother of God and Queen of Carmel.

___(Name)___, do you renew your baptismal promises, in the form of this deeper commitment to serve Christ, from today on, as perfectly as possible, in your state in life?

Candidate:  I do.

Priest:  And I, in virtue of the authority given to me, and now exercised, receive you into the Order of the Brothers and sisters of the blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, and make you a sharer in all prayers, Masses, sermons, fastings, acts of mortification, and spiritual advantages of the same holy Order.  In the name of the Father, and of the Son, @ and of the Holy Spirit.

All:  Amen.

Closing Prayer

The priest now faces the assembled community:

Priest:  As a community, let us all renew our dedication to the Triune God.

All:  Almighty Father, we thank you for revealing yourself in the person of Jesus Christ, your Son.  We thank you for your mercy and love which has made our redemption possible.  We thank you for the trust you place in us.

Jesus, Saviour and Lord, help us to live as worthwhile members of your pilgrim Church.  May we be faithful to all the commitments we have made in our state of life.  To the best of our abilities, we shall strive to bring the good news of salvation to others, leading them by word and example to a life of union with you.

Holy Spirit, Light and Love, fill us today, as we welcome new members into our Order.  Constantly remind us to be faithful in the encouragement and prayers which we promise to them and to each other.

Most Holy Trinity, bless us and make us one in you.

Mary, beloved Mother of Carmel, help us to model our lives on you.


All now return to their places.

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