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Chapter 5
The Call to Ministry

  1. Lay Carmelites, as all baptized persons, are called to be deeply involved in the mission of the Church. Immersed in the world as they are, they shall reflect a Christian spirit of service to their families, in their work or professional surroundings, in their social responsibilities and relations with others and in every action of their day.

  2. They will find in the person of Elijah a valid inspiration for this witness. It was he who said, "I have been most zealous for the Lord, the God of hosts (1 Kings 20:10)." In doing battle with the false prophets of his day, Elijah proclaimed the reign of God and worked hard for its establishment. The Lay Carmelite in the spirit of Elijah is called to critique the values, actions, systems and goals which are inimical to the Gospel.

  3. Our mother Mary too is a wonderful example for ministry, walking with Jesus every step of the way, even to the foot of the Cross.

  4. Ministry in our day involves a sacrifice of time, talent and treasure on the part of the individual. The Lay Carmelite accepts this obligation of stewardship, holding in esteem the invitation of the Lord that we deny ourselves, take up our crosses daily and follow Him.

  5. Any ministry undertaken by individuals or the local communities should flow from our Carmelite heritage, and bring about the sanctification of our families, our work and society. The ministries shall be integrated with the other areas of Carmelite life. Praying for others is a valid ministry, exemplified so well in the Second Order, our sisters in Carmelite cloisters all over the world. St. Therese of Lisieux viewed prayer as redemptive -- praying and sacrificing for others.

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