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Chapter 8
Admission and Reception


  1. For admission, a candidate must be a Catholic in good standing who feels called by God to live more strongly his or her baptismal vocation as a member of the Carmelite family through a deeper formation in Christian values according to the particular charisms of the Carmelite Order. Candidates must be at least seventeen years old.

  2. Lay Carmelites belong to a local community. Candidates for reception will apply for membership through the local Council.

  3. Candidates are received into the Order by the community chaplain or a chaplain from the Provincial Office after a formal introductory program. This pro-gram should last for not less than six months. They may then be received with the approval of the local community Council, or the director and chaplain if no Council exists. Whenever possible, the candidates should be interviewed by the community chaplain before reception and profession. They will be invested in the large brown scapular as a symbol of their membership.

  4. The introductory formation for those seeking reception into the Order shall include the following in a presentation of the spirituality of the Order:

    a) Prayer and Scripture;
    b) Community;
    c) Ministry;
    d) Rule of Life and Provincial Statutes;
    e) Study of the models given by the Carmelite Saints;
    f) Carmelite history and traditions.

    The role of Mary shall be well presented in each area.

  5. The Community Council shall approve each prospective member for admission. The Council establishes the times for reception and profession, twice a year at the most.

  6. "Isolated" members, that is, those who because of distance from an established community or for some other valid reason are unable to belong to a community, may still be admitted to the Order.

    a) They make application through the Provincial Office. The Provincial Director will keep contact with them, help organize and assist in their formation and arrange for the reception and profession.

    b) They are received into the Order by the priest who helped in their formation. Their period of formation prior to reception should last for no less than six months after the initial inquiry to the Provincial Office.

    c) They shall present to the Provincial Office a summary of their study to insure that their formation included all of the above requirements.

    d) They are approved through the granting of the faculty for reception or that of profession by the Provincial Office.



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